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written by Alma Grey, directed by Kai Devani

Broken Gardenias is a Dark Comedy about Jenni, an orphaned semi-savant, who with the help of a street hustler named Sam, steal a car and head to Los Angeles to find Jenni's, father whom she hasn't seen or heard from since she was 6.

Official Selection

Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival
Budapest Pride Festival
Festival Cheries (Paris)
frameline38 San Francisco LGBT Festival
Seattle Lesbian & Gay Festival
Fresno Reel Pride Gay & Lesbian Festival
Some Prefer Cake Bologna Lesbian Film Festival
KUIR Fest (Instanbul, Turkey)
BFI London Film Festival
Everybody's Perfect 3 (Geneve, Switzerland)
North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
IRS Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)

written by Chris Kinsella, directed by Rene Brar

"A moment of loneliness. A chance encounter at a bar. When Taylor (Makinna Ridgway) follows the clean-cut Wyatt (Quincy Newton) home to his RV, it seems like a good way to take her mind off her recent fight with her boyfriend. What begins as a good time starts seeming like a bad decision when Taylor awakens in the woods, far from civilization. For Taylor, it is a journey of beauty and self-discovery-so why does it feel like a tragedy in the making? TAYLOR'S WAY is both a gorgeous film and a subtle one, swapping out the horror genre's reliance on gore for a general sense of unease. First-time director René Brar takes his time establishing the mood and toying with audience expectations. With stunningly natural performances, beautiful cinematography and an unrushed, hypnotic pace, TAYLOR'S WAY is a sophisticated twist on a well-worn genre." - Calgary International Film Festival


Potenza Film Festival Audience Prize
Fargo Film Festival Best Actress
Okanagan Film Festival Best Canadian Indie Feature
Santa Fe Film Festival Best Feature (Nominated)
Official Selection Indie Spirit Film Festival
Official Selection Whistler Film Festival


written by Annie Silverstein & Nathan Duncan, directed by Nathan Duncan

Leaves on Trees is a short coming-of-age narrative that follows 9-year-old Ira Harris as he navigates a new neighborhood, new peers, and his first set of prescription glasses.


New Orleans Film Festival
Maryland Film Festival



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“In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod”

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“Being Human”